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Variable speed drives with or without reducer

VARMEC Variators are avaible in 7 sizes (VAR 2-5-10-20-30-5-75) with speed range ratio of 5:1. Each size is avaible as either variators only or as a combined variator and gear reducer of 1 or 2 reduction stages in a single monolithic casing. Variators can be supplied complete with IEC motors (B5 type).

Output speed is changed progressively by operation of the control handwheel which is provided with a direct speed position readout. When required, the control handwheel can be replaced with an electric servomotor with a limit switch device. Also, each variator can be supplied with a proximity sensor to provide a display of output speed on a digital gauge. Additionally, a digital or analogue converter can be supplied to control the output speed from an external signal.

The VARMEC variable speed trasmission system is based on the transfer of power, by friction, between the friction cone (1) mounted on the motor shaft and the friction ring (2) mounted on the transmission shaft. Pressure between the friction cone and the friction ring is maintained in proportion to the output load torque by means of the dog-clutch cam faces (4).

A spring (3) inside the concentric transmission shaft provides a low contact pressure between the cone and the ring during no-load or idling periods. This allows speed setting changes to be made whilst stationary, this being a major advantage over other types of variable speed drives, speed variation is achieved by movement of the motor, on guides, by a rack (7) and pinion (6) attached to the control handwheel, or alternatively by an electric speed control system.



In line helical gears with one, two and three reduction stages

VARMEC gearboxes have been designed with the help of leading-edge technology. Every single component has been verified and designed to withstand the maximum applicable load to conform with AGMA 2001-B88 standards.


Casing and flanges are made from grey cast iron Q250 UNI-ISO 185. The rounded form of casings gives to the gearboxes high rigidity and solidity and allows the use in all possible mounting positions.

The manufacturing process of the various components is made on modern CNC machining centres to ensure all components are of the highest quality.


All the gears are made from 18NiCrMo5 UNI 7846 steel hardened and profile ground, input shafts from 16CrNi4 UNI 7846 steel hardened and tempered, output shafts from 39NiCrMo3 UNI 7845 high strenght steel.

The gearboxes are painted with a thermosetting orangepeel powder based on polyester resins, modified by epoxy resins, type Blue RAL 5010. On demand special options (Viton oil seals, special output shaft, ...) can be supplied.



Variable pulley systems

Economic speed control has a crucial part to play wherever drive systems are found in machines and installations.
VARMEC variable pulleys - which can be combinated with motor, measuring transducer and computer right up to a complete drive unit - meet the demands of design engineers and users for economical and reliable speed control technology in practically all cases

System and quality characteristics:
- short, space saving design
- precise plastic-coated round guides
- pressure springs with optimum characteristic for a favorable power ratio over the whole speed range
- Integrated torque-dependent control ram (RD b)
- Low mass movement of inertia thanks to the use of pulley sheaves made of higly wear-resistant special aluminium alloy
- suitable for "U" and "Z" design
- maintenance free