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SI4 helical gear motors are designed for both rough continuous operation and high switching rates. A torsion-resistant housing and optimized gear teeth with maximum load-bearing capacity ensure powerful gear performance.

They are available as foot-mounted and flange versions and can be installed in any position. The solid drive shaft is supplied with a feather key. The Rexnord-Stephan SI4 helical gear unit is distinguished by the coaxial shaft arrangement and narrow, low construction.

SI4 coaxial gear motors
Foot-mounted, flange version, integral motors


Output torque
100 - 25000 Nm




Die SK 4-Kegel-Stirnradgetriebemotoren sind mit ihrem winkelförmigen Kraftfluss und ihrer Vielzahl an antriebsseitigen Ausführungen vielseitig einsetzbar.

The three-stage gear unit is supplied as a foot-mounted, flange or shaft-mounted version. Solid and hollow shafts are available, depending on the connection best suited to the application. Torque can be transmitted synchronously with extreme efficiency to each end of the shaft when a continuous solid shaft is utilized. Hollow shafts with a feather key, shrink disc or tapered clamp sleeve are available for the shaft-mounted version with torque support.

Characteristic data:


SK4 helical bevel gear motors
Foot-mounted, flange version, integral motors, hollow and solid shaft version


Output torque
220 - 20000 Nm



SP4 parallel shaft helical gear motors are designed to withstand extreme loads. They retain their robustness where even the greatest loads are involved. Rexnord Stephan SP 4 gear units have a space-saving parallel shaft design. Foot-mounted, flange version or shaft-mounted versions are available.

Input shafts are available as solid or hollow shafts with a keyway. Hollow shafts can be integrated for shrink disks and tapered clamp sleeves. Rexnord-Stephan-SP4 parallel shaft gear motors are robust, variable and efficient drive systems.




Characteristic data:


SP4 parallel shaft gear motors
Foot-mounted, flange version, integral motors, hollow and solid shaft version


Output torque
250 - 15000 Nm