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Space-saving due to direct mounting on the driven machine shaft.
Cost-saving as the use of couplings (and alignment) are eliminated and no foundations are required.
Practical due to the easy adjustment of the V-belt tension by means of the torque arm.

Helical gears
: gas carburised, hardened and ground.
- for gear unit types FA 116 to FA 324 : one-piece housing in special aluminium-alloy,
- for gear unit types FA 414 to FA 822 : grey pearlitic cast iron.
The housings are designed for optimal strength, stiffness and oil tightness.
Shafts and bearings are adequately proportioned to allow overhung loads generated by the V-belt drive.
Lubrication of gears by splash from the oil bath. The bearings are greased for life.
Sealing assured by double lip oil seals, running on plunge-ground surface.

Comprehensive range of torque ratings and output speeds
8 gear unit sizes from 450 to 7650 Nm.
Output speeds from 12,5 to 125 min-1 with 4-pole motor (50 Hz).
Wide range of V-belt drives.