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Serving an entire spectrum of mechanical drive applications from packaging, material handling, mining and metals to automotive, aerospace and medical equipment.


Cone Drive is here to make a positive difference to the supply of drive solutions. Our worm gear reducers and Accudrive servo gears benefit from out vast array of engineering experience.


  • Worm Gear

    Worm Gear units from Cone Drive are nothing short of top of the line. With innovative technologies such as Conex Helicoidal and our Double Enveloping Geometries, Our worm gear speed reducers cannot be beat for compactness and shock load.


  • Servo Drive

    AccuDrive Servo Gear Products from Cone Drive benefit from the expertise and innovation of our more traditional brands. If you are looking for a solution in motion control AccuDrive can give you the precision you need. Products offered in right angle and inline configurations in multiple levels of precision to suit your specific needs. You can always find the right product for the right solution.


  • Gear Motors

    Gear Motors from Cone Drive ensure that key industry needs are fully addressed with rapid availability of replacement products that are configured to exact requirements, instant interchange ability on site and the ability to utilise standard motor configurations.


  • Flexible Couplings

    Cone Drive has a range of coupling solutions to meet our Customer’s requirements for integration into our gearboxes or to supply on a replacement basis.


  • Industrial Gearbox

    Compact designs ensure increasing output can be managed in ever reducing footprints. Cone Drive has a wealth of experience of arduous applications and extreme environments. This assures a high level of durability and reliability, combined with the flexibility to satisfy the widest range of applications.


  • Additional Worm Gears

    Worm Gear Products from David Brown and Benzlers have set the industry standard and increase our worm gear product range to ensure we deliver on your power transmission needs.