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Reducer / Variable Speed Drive

Reducers can gain torque proportional to the reduction ratio by reducing the rotational speed of a gear and outputting the power from the output shaft of a motor or other power source. Gear reducers are planetary type mechanical variable speed traction drives.

Moto-reductores - Gear Motor

This small size gear motor series has a motor capacity of 40W - 5.5kW. Three gear types are available: Gear Motor (helical gear), Hypoid Motor (hypoid gear) and Croise Motor (worm gear).

Reductores - Gear Box

Tsubaki offers: A wide variety of Worm Reducers with both cylindrical and drum-shaped worm gears; powerful and compact Helical Power Drives standardized right-angle and parallel shaft; and Miter Gear Boxes with spiral bevel gears for high transmission capacity and efficiency.

Reductores Servo-motor - Servomotor Reducer

We offer Tervo all-purpose servo gear heads in a wide range of reasonably priced gears and PAT-B planetary reducers for high precision servos for any servo motor application.

Variadores de velocidad mecánicos de precisión - Mechanical Infinitely Variable Speed Drive

Planetary gear traction type mechanical variable speed drives. Constant torque type (DK), constant horsepower type (DB), and ultra-wide gear ratio type (DZ) available. These types offer long life even under frequent start/stop operations and strong shock loads.