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 Technical Data

Speed range: 2 up to 10

Performance: 0.12 up to 175 kilowatts


The name PIV is synonymous of chain variator. This way the POSICHAIN has been the standard solution for plants and machines requiring a mechanical variable speed drive, and also today many customers depend on the quality and proven reliability of the PIV variators. The range of products is completed by the POSIDISC units (balls and disc type ) for lower power applications. The simple and efficient PIV variator is a good alternative to the electric drive: from machine tools to paper production lines, from packaging machines to pump drives.

From the different positive infinitely variable drives, that PIV Drives has manufactured in the past, 3 variants are still in use today : POSICHAIN high-performance rocker pin chain variable drives:
the system RH POSICHAIN lamellar-chain variable drives: the series A200 POSIDISC spherical-disk-variable drives: the system KS The series RH are the high performance drives for the power range 5.5 to 175 kilowatts, the series A200 are the classic lamellar-chain variable drives for the performance range 1.1 to 7.5 kW, and the series KS for the smaller performance range between 0.12 and 3 kW.

POSICHAIN chain variable drives
The units of the series RH and A200 are the "classic" positive infinitely variable drives from the house PIV.

Their essential qualities are:
- Minimal maintenance-expenses and high efficiency enables economic solutions, even at continuous operating.
- High control precision.
- The qualities of the " torque-transformer " admits high torques also with low speeds.
- Extensive accessories: remote control units, tacho-generators, speed signalling potentiometers, limit switches, electronic speed-control systems.

The high protection-type allows to operate in dirty environments without expensive additional features.

Technical data
Speed range: R = 2 - 3 - 4 and 6
Performance: 1.1 up to 175 kilowatts

POSIDISC ball-disks variable speed drive
The spherical disc gear POSIDISC of the series KS is the 'all-rounder' amongst the infinitely variable speed drives of PIV Drives: the technical qualities, the easy maintenance and the good behaviour in extreme operating conditions make it interesting for many use-sectors. The speed adjustment is possible during the operating as well as at standstill. The mechanism is compatible with the hardest operating conditions. Even if the output shaft blocked, no damage occurs. It is not necessary to use a starting clutch or a safety coupling. For the rating of the drive, the consideration of a service factor is not necessary since the mechanism can work with catalogue-torques in continuous operating.

Technical Data
Variation Ratio: 6 - 10 or up to output speed = 0
Power Rating: 0.12 up to 3 kW

CVT for mobile applications
In recent years the PIV Drives technology has been the base for the development of state-of-the-art CVT solution for the drive line of agricultural and construction machines. Also in these fields, PIV Drives can offer very interesting components to improve the performances of your machine, with an high degree of efficiency at minimal maintenance costs.

This steel made high performance chain variator works with a constant power output while changing speed and torque (e. g. for generators). Variation of torque with constant power output, high efficency with torque sensor, good level performances as a result of high tech chains, independent speed control of driving and driven unit, drive management with several driven units are the most important features of CVT applications.

Technical DataPower Rating: up to 150 kW
Speed range: R= up to 6