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STOBER Power Transmission

MGS Speed Reducers
The MGS, or Modular Gearing System developed by STOBER design engineers, is the foundation to this new line of products. It is comprised of interacting, highly engineered components such as gears, housings, input and output flanges, motors, etc. This modular approach benefits you in several ways:

  • Wide Selection - The MGS system allows for thousands of sizes, styles, and mounting configurations.

  • Availability - This modularity combined with advanced assembly techniques lets us build, fully test, and deliver a custom-built drive in hours . . . not weeks.

The ServoFit™ SMS (Servo Modular System) line of servo gearheads, compliments the already successful MGS® line of constant speed reducers and the ServoFit™ line of precision planetary gearheads.

"C" Series-Concentric Helical
ServoFit™ SMS Gearheads

These versatile gear drives offer you performance, durability, and economy for a wide range of applications. High efficiency helical gearing keeps motor size to a minimum while running almost silently.

"F" Series-Offset Helical
ServoFit™ SMS Gearheads

Compact size and flexibility make these gear drives a popular choice for applications that require high performance, efficiency, and durability. Series "F" gear drives, like all SMS units, are available with a wide selection of configurations to match almost any mounting requirement.

  • Motor plate can easily be changed to fit your choice of motors
SMS F Series

"K" Series-Right Angle Helical/Bevel
ServoFit™ SMS Gearheads

Right angle helical/bevel gear drives offer higher input-to-output efficiencies than conventional worm gear drives. This added efficiency reduces your costs today through smaller gear drive and motor sizing. Tomorrow, you'll benefit through optimum energy savings. SMS helical/bevel gear drives offer consistent, higher efficiencies than single worm drives.

Beverage, Food, and Washdown Duty
ServoFit™ SMS Gearheads